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Dan’s three uncles were each MIT engineers. His grandfather was F. Gurney who was responsible for the invention of the Gurney Ball Bearing. He had one sister, Celisssa. Jack moved his family to Riverside, California , when Dan was a teenager and had just graduated from Manhasset High School. He served in the United States Army for two years [2] as an artillery mechanic during the Korean War. It was powered by a 4. This attracted the attention of famed Ferrari North American importer Luigi Chinetti , who arranged for a factory ride for the young driver at Le Mans in Gurney, teamed with fellow Californian Bruce Kessler , had worked the car up to fifth overall and handed over to Kessler, who was then caught up in an accident. This performance and others earned him a test run in a works Ferrari , and his Formula One career began with the team in


June —May Two decrees were issued in early outlining administrative measures for the blocking and de-indexing of websites for terrorist content. The decrees earned the ire of free speech advocates as the blacklist of websites is compiled by a police agency without court approval see Blocking and Filtering and Content Removal. France was rocked by a series of terrorist attacks in January in which 12 people were shot and killed by armed extremists, including eight staff at the controversial French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

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Published online Dec For Permissions, please email: Abstract Background and Aims In spite of the abundance of archaeological, bio-archaeological, historical and genetic data, the origins, historical biogeography, identity of ancient grapevine cultivars and mechanisms of domestication are still largely unknown. Here, analysis of variation in seed morphology aims to provide accurate criteria for the discrimination between wild grapes and modern cultivars and to understand changes in functional traits in relation to the domestication process.

This approach is also used to quantify the phenotypic diversity in the wild and cultivated compartments and to provide a starting point for comparing well-preserved archaeological material, in order to elucidate the history of grapevine varieties. Methods Geometrical analysis elliptic Fourier transform method was applied to grapevine seed outlines from modern wild individuals, cultivars and well-preserved archaeological material from southern France, dating back to the first to second centuries.

Key Results and Conclusions Significant relationships between seed shape and taxonomic status, geographical origin country or region of accessions and parentage of varieties are highlighted, as previously noted based on genetic approaches. Archaeobiological records seem to confirm the complexity of human contact, exchanges and migrations which spread grapevine cultivation in Europe and in Mediterranean areas, and argue in favour of the existence of local domestication in the Languedoc southern France region during Antiquity.

It is the single Vitis species that acquired significant economic interest over time; some other species, for example the North American V. Indeed, a great majority of cultivars widely cultivated for fruit, juice and mainly for wine, classified as Vitis vinifera L.


Among the most fortified boundaries have been those between the natural sciences and the humanities. Still less are they receptive to the idea that the very foundations of their worldview must be revised or rebuilt in the light of such criticism. Rather, they cling to the dogma imposed by the long post-Enlightenment hegemony over the Western intellectual outlook, which can be summarized briefly as follows: These themes can be traced, despite some differences of emphasis, in Aronowitz’s analysis of the cultural fabric that produced quantum mechanics 4 ; in Ross’ discussion of oppositional discourses in post-quantum science 5 ; in Irigaray’s and Hayles’ exegeses of gender encoding in fluid mechanics 6 ; and in Harding’s comprehensive critique of the gender ideology underlying the natural sciences in general and physics in particular.

In quantum gravity, as we shall see, the space-time manifold ceases to exist as an objective physical reality; geometry becomes relational and contextual; and the foundational conceptual categories of prior science — among them, existence itself — become problematized and relativized. This conceptual revolution, I will argue, has profound implications for the content of a future postmodern and liberatory science.

FRAME No BICYCLE DATING. HOW OLD IS MY BICYCLE? ‘How old is my bicycle?’ is a question I get asked a lot, nearly as much as: ‘I have a bicycle that looks like one of yours; if I send you pictures please can you identify it for me?’.

Dan’s three uncles were each MIT engineers. His grandfather was F. Gurney who was responsible for the invention of the Gurney Ball Bearing. He had one sister, Celisssa. Jack moved his family to Riverside, California when Dan was a teenager and had just graduated from Manhasset High School. He served in the United States Army for two years [2] as an artillery mechanic during the Korean War. It was powered by a 4. This attracted the attention of famed Ferrari North American importer Luigi Chinetti , who arranged for a factory ride for the young driver at Le Mans in

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Surviving the disaster of the Halifax Explosion , 6: The initial informal response was soon joined by surviving policemen, firefighters and military personnel who began to arrive, as did anyone with a working vehicle; cars, trucks and delivery wagons of all kinds were enlisted to collect the wounded. In the final moments before the explosion, hoses were being unrolled as the fire spread to the docks.

Nine members of the Halifax Fire Department lost their lives performing their duty that day. Tacoma was rocked so severely by the blast wave that her crew went to general quarters.

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French Riviera

These readings span a period of thirteen centuries, covering all important stages of Ancient Egyptian literature. Translated from Egyptian originals, they are ordered chronologically and were considered by the Egyptians as part of the core of their vast literature. The study of the sources, hieroglyphs, commentaries and pictures situating the text itself remain on the website at no cost. In , the egyptologist Lepsius puchased this nameless hieratic papyrus and brought it to Berlin were it became “Berlin Papyrus “.

Submariner amazing patina and condition pertrified dial Submariner amazing patina and condition pertrified dial.

Numerous species cause human infections, and several new human pathogens are discovered yearly. This situation has created an increasing interest in fungal taxonomy and has led to the development of new methods and approaches to fungal biosystematics which have promoted important practical advances in identification procedures. However, the significance of some data provided by the new approaches is still unclear, and results drawn from such studies may even increase nomenclatural confusion.

Analyses of rRNA and rDNA sequences constitute an important complement of the morphological criteria needed to allow clinical fungi to be more easily identified and placed on a single phylogenetic tree. Most of the pathogenic fungi so far described belong to the kingdom Fungi; two belong to the kingdom Chromista. The last 20 years or so has seen a growing number of fungal infections coincident with a dramatic increase in the population of severely immunocompromised patients.

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His family origin is confirmed by the Historia Pontificum et Comitum Engolismensis which records that, after “Roberto Burgundio” repudiated his marriage contract to join the Templars, his land and bride were granted to “Willermo de Mastacio fratri Roberti domini Montis-Berulli” on the advice of “Wlgrini comitis” [44]. The different geographical epithets given to the two brothers suggests that they may not have shared the same father. He is named in the Chronicon Gaufredi Vosiensis as brother of Eschivat: The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified.

The name of Guillaume Eschivat’s wife is not known. He is named in the Chronicon Gaufredi Vosiensis:

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Ripley, Patricia Highsmith describes the Riviera as including all of the coast between Toulon and the Italian border. History of Provence From prehistory to the Bronze Age[ edit ] The region of the French Riviera has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Primitive tools dating to between 1, , and 1, , years ago were discovered in the Grotte du Vallonnet , near Roquebrune-Cap-Martin , with stones and bones of animals, including bovines, rhinoceros, and bison. At Terra Amata , to , years ago , near the Nice Port , a fireplace was discovered that is one of the oldest found in Europe.

In the mid-3rd century, Germanic peoples began to invade the region, and Roman power weakened. In the same period, Christianity started to become a powerful force in the region. The first cathedrals were built in the 4th century, and bishoprics were established: The fall of the Western Roman Empire in the first half of the 5th century was followed by invasions of Provence by the Visigoths , the Burgundians and the Ostrogoths.

There was then a long period of wars and dynastic quarrels, which in turn led to further invasions by the Saracens and the Normans in the 9th century. The Counts of Provence and the House of Grimaldi[ edit ] Some peace was restored to the coast by the establishment in of a new kingdom of Provence, ruled first by the Bosonids dynasty — , then by the Catalans — , and finally by the Angevins — , elder branch , — younger branch.

The ruins of the Grimaldi castle at Grimaud , near Saint-Tropez In the 13th century, another powerful political force appeared, the House of Grimaldi. Descended from a Genoese nobleman expelled from Genoa by his rivals in , members of the different branches of the Grimaldis took power in Monaco , Antibes and Nice, and built castles at Grimaud , Cagnes-sur-Mer and Antibes.

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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Is it possible to enhance neural and cognitive function with cognitive training techniques? Can we delay age-related decline in cognitive function with interventions and stave off Alzheimer’s disease? Does an aged brain really have the capacity to change in response to stimulation? In the present paper, we consider the neuroplasticity of the aging brain, that is, the brain’s ability to increase capacity in response to sustained experience.

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ORIGINS [ ] Bearing in mind the background to the establishment of Scandinavian settlements in Rus as discussed in the Introduction to the present document, any reconstructed genealogy of the Rurikid dynasty during the early years, as well as all dates and even names, must be viewed with caution. The detailed genealogy for this early period set out below may be of little factual significance but is reproduced by way of interest.

The initial Scandinavian settlements seem to have been at Gorodishche, the town of Novgorod as its name implies being a new settlement which was probably established nearby in the s [17]. This chronology is dubious when compared with the more robust dates attributable to his supposed grandson Sviatoslav see below.

The Primary Chronicle records that Igor succeeded his relative Oleg in [20] , but this chronology is also difficult to sustain. It is probably more accurate to suggest that Igor was established at Kiev by the end of the s [21]. The existence of Igor as a historical figure is nevertheless corroborated: Oleg negotiated privileged trading terms with Byzantium in [ ], the text of which is incorporated into the Primary Chronicle [26].

The main terms of the treaty are corroborated by the De administrando imperio [27]. The Primary Chronicle records that Oleg was killed by Derevlian Slavs, who lived to the north-east of Kiev and were unwilling to submit to his rule [28]. After her husband was killed, the Derevlian Slavs proposed her marriage to their own leader Mal, but the Primary Chronicle records that Olga exacted prompt and effective revenge for her husband’s death after besieging the Derevlian capital of Iskorosten [30].

Olga was regent for her son [from to ]. Her centre of power was based around Kiev where she owned two halls [31].

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Daoism is at the root of Chinese Culture and contains values and techniques aimed at solving the difficulties that our modern society is facing in this turbulent 21st century. Whether one approaches Daoism from a religious, philosophical, or ethical point of view, nobody can help but notice how much wisdom it contains. For westerners, access to those invaluable teachings can still be a long, exciting but also exhausting pilgrimage into the deep valleys of Chinese Culture; taking my own path as an example, I had to leave my job, family, and country to venture alone to China, learn Chinese language, adapt to a new climate and a new culture, face wild beasts while traveling through mountains looking for masters it is true that I met big snakes in Yunnan and one bear in Zhongnan shan.

Although this was a thrilling and a very enriching adventure this also entailed some hardship for myself but also my family; thus this way of accessing Daoism cannot be expected from the majority of westerners and easier approaches need to be created.

Dear Twitpic Community – thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state.

Introductory Statement We thank our God for the blessings of the last two years. We have found a profound unity among ourselves on the issues of vital importance to our Reformed testimony. We believe that the Scriptures, and hence Genesis , are the inerrant word of God. We affirm that Genesis is a coherent account from the hand of Moses. We believe that history, not myth, is the proper category for describing these chapters; and furthermore that their history is true. Because the Bible is the word of the Creator and Governor of all there is, it is right for us to find it speaking authoritatively to matters studied by historical and scientific research.

We also believe that acceptance of, say, non-geocentric astronomy is consistent with full submission to Biblical authority. We recognize that a naturalistic worldview and true Christian faith are impossible to reconcile, and gladly take our stand with Biblical supernaturalism. The Committee has been unable to come to unanimity over the nature and duration of the creation days. Nevertheless, our goal has been to enhance the unity, integrity, faithfulness and proclamation of the Church.

Therefore we are presenting a unanimous report with the understanding that the members hold to different exegetical viewpoints. As to the rest we are at one. It is our hope and prayer that the Church at large can join us in a principled, Biblical recognition of both the unity and diversity we have regarding this doctrine, and that all are seeking properly to understand biblical revelation.

It is our earnest desire not to see our beloved church divide over this issue.

Lake Geneva

However, they can be applied to the past few millennia because it has been demonstrated satisfactorily that the mechanism of tidal friction has not changed significantly during this period [ 6 ]. Instead, observations from the historical past, albeit crude by modern standards, have to be used. Useful records of eclipses extend back to about BC. First, eclipse phenomena that were timed in a local system that permits the UT of the observations to be recovered.

We treat these two groups separately until the analysis stage, where they are combined. Negative dates differ by 1 from BC dates e.

poitou – central v updated 04 december return to index. return to poitou introduction. table of contents. chapter 1. central poitou. a. seigneurs de chabanais.. b. seigneurs de chabanais (matha/montbron) c. seigneurs de chÂteau-larcher.. d. seigneurs de la tremoille.

Geography[ edit ] Lake Geneva is divided into three parts because of its different forms of formation sedimentation, tectonic folding, glacial erosion: The high summits of Grand Combin and Mont Blanc are visible from some places. View of the lake and the Chablais Alps from Caux Lake Geneva is the largest body of water in Switzerland, and greatly exceeds in size all others that are connected with the main valleys of the Alps. The lake’s surface is the lowest point of the cantons of Valais and Vaud.

However, it is only from the eastern end of the lake, between Vevey and Villeneuve, that the scenery assumes an Alpine character. On the south side the mountains of Savoy and Valais are for the most part rugged and sombre, while those of the northern shore fall in gentle vine-covered slopes, thickly set with villages and castles.

From Vevey to Bex, where the lake originally extended, the shores are enclosed by comparatively high and bold mountains, and the vista terminates in the grand portal of the defile of St. Between Lausanne and Vevey it is called Lavaux and is famous for its hilly vineyards.

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